About Mount Litera Zee High School, Hayath Nagar

Mount Litera Zee High School Hayath nagar,Hyderabad is estabished in the year of 2009 in a lush green campus(CBSE Afflino;130304). Brain science and Human development research confirm that school years play a defining role in ‘our sense of self’ and ‘our view of life’. To fulfill our vision of Improving Human Capital of India, it was imperative that we bring innovation in schooling. Mount Litera Zee High School has been our endeavor in this direction

Mount litera zee high school,Hayathnagar  ranked 3rd best school/top school  among the cbse schools across Hyderabad,*as per survey conducted by Times of India i3 solutions dated 28th oct.2016

Our Vision

Mount Litera Zee School will provide a complete and unique educational experience for the child, preparing him / her for a successful life in the contemporary society. The vision of Mount Litera Zee School envisages: To create an excellent educational institution synthesizing the human values with the highest quality of teaching learning using modern technology-driven tools for preparing a well-rounded personality for our society.

Our Philosophy

Every child is unique. Education should foster real understanding. Real understanding comes from an integrated approach.

We have a vision of the child we aim to graduate and everything in our schools is designed around that vision. Emerging Student Profile (ESP) is the vision that Mount Litera Zee Schools promises. Everything we do in the school strives to achieve this profile for each child. While each child will take a different path to this profile, we run the schools with the firm belief that this profile will enable our children to be leaders of the 21st century.

The ESP comprises three essential faculties: life skills, knowledge and core values.

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Parent Testimonials

  • By 2016, Mount Litera Zee School would have shown to all that, an institution with a stress-free environment, child-friendly curriculum, a play-way teaching methodology and loving mentors, is equally adept at giving to the society happier, more social ad vastly talented individuals. This landmark will be the beginning of a long journey of contribution to modern India. God Bless!
    Radha Rani
    Mother of Krishna - 2nd Class
  • After few months in Zee, he has improved a lot especially in his reading. A little impatient, but ready to work. He has shown more interest in learning new things. Happy with the improvements. Thank you
    Samuel Saleem
    Father of Peter Saleem - 7th Class
  • My son Krishna Prasad wakes up early just to ensure that he does not miss school. I am very happy at the changes that I see in his habits. The school is immensely helping in shaping his character.
    Father of Krishna Prasad - 9th Class