Circular No: 43 Time Table & Portion for FA-III Grade: 9 & 10

Time Table for FA – III                                                                                                                                                                                   Class: IX


16.11.2015 17.11.2015 18.11.2015
English & Bio-Chem II Lang & Mathematics Physics & Social


Portion for FA – III

English                 : F3, P5, P6 from Literature reader comprehension General Grammar, Writing.

Mathematics      : Linear Equations, Surface Areas & Volumes, probability.

II Language:       Hindi: Grammar full एक फूल की चाह, गीत अगीत Telugu: సీతక్క పెండ్లి, రుబాయులు, నెనూ…..సావిత్రిబాయిని;

Science:                Physics: Gravitation,         Chemistry: Atoms & Molecules, Structure of an Atom.                                                                  Sd/-

Social:                                                   History: Lesson – IV          Economics: Food Security                                                                               Principal

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