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Extra Curricular Activities


Field Trips

Educational Field Trips are important to help bridge the gap between education and hands-on experience..These trips are a vital requirement of educational curriculum. If pupils had more field trips, education would be more creative and effective in getting kids to successfully graduate high school and college. As well as preparing them to make big differences to communities and life as we know it. Field trips are crucial for every student to acquire increased knowledge, culture and hands-on experience. Hands-on experience produce questions and answers that help shape a child’s future. being among the top cbse schools in Hyderabad hence, to fulfill the objective,we ┬áhave organized these tours forevery


School Annual Day

School life becomes monotonous if there won’t be any fun. For this reason, our school organizes several functions inside the campus and it gives the opportunity to every student to work in a team. The annual day function gives all our students to exhibit talents and in different ways. The annual day function prevail the environment of excitement in the school and the students put their all effort to make the annual day an affair to remember. In this special day children’s act as a host and parents come as the guest.

The function marked the culmination of various cultural activities that gave students a platform to showcase their talent. Students also present an orchestra, a classical dance and a ballet during the event. Kids from the junior class robe in a colorful costumes and participate in a musical or in welcoming dance. The students who portrayed in ballet of SRI SITA RAMA KALYANAM enthralled the audience with their performances which carried them back to the historical epic era. It also makes the student free from the hectic schedule of the classes, exams.

This program really leaves a great impact on parents. The schools after the grand success of the annual day hopes for another event to come which will be another exciting day for them. Their journey of the event never ends because the school almost gets every month something to celebrate for the student’s entertainment.


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