Holiday Circular and News Letter for Term1

Dear Parents,                                                                                                                        Date:08/10/15

We are delighted to inform you that we have successfully completed term-1 of academic year 2015-16.

Highlights of |Term-1

Academics Field trips Competitions/ Celebrations

Completed Term -1 syllabus and conducted Summative Assessment -1 along with multiple general assessments.

1.       Caterpillar with ‘C’.

2.       Boat making.

3.       Cotton pasting activity.

4.       Collage Work.

5.       Recreational games.

6.       Rainbow using Dupattas.

7.       Umbrella Cutting.

8.       Thumb printing

9.       Blow Painting

Primary ( grade 1 to 5)-

Completed term-1 syllabus and conducted FA-1, FA-2,SA-1 apart from cycle tests and oral tests.

1.       Role Plays in various subjects.

2.       Letter writing on a real post card.

3.       Paper Plane making.

4.       Math lab activities using cream sticks.

5.       Rakhi making.

6.       Lemonade making.

7.       Sandwich making.

8.       Even numbers with flash cards.

9.       Plantation day.

10.   Herbarium of tap and fibrous roots.

11.   Reflection & Refraction of Light.

12.   Dumb charades.

13.   Poster making.

Upper – Primary & Middle School( Grade 6-8):-


Completed term-1 syllabus and conducted FA-1, FA-2,SA-1 apart from cycle tests and oral tests.

1.       Role play on Water Conservation.

2.       Debate on “ is AHIMSA possible or not in this era”


And many more activities done……


High School ( Grade 9 & 10):-

Completed term-1 syllabus and conducted FA-1, FA-2,SA-1   Practical Exams (Biology and Chemistry) , English ASL, IIT GALAXY online exam, SOF – NCO EXAM ,apart from cycle tests and oral tests.










1.       Complete School Campus.

2.       Dairy Farm.

3.       Different Places of Worship.

4.       Park.

Primary ( grade 1 to 5)-

1.       Bank

2.       Police station.

3.       Fire Station.

4.       Biscuit Factory.

Upper – Primary & Middle School( Grade 6-8):-

1.       Visit toCCMB (Cenre for Cellular and Molecular Biology).

2.       Organic farms ( Saddupally).

3.       Pochampally textile village.

4.       Ananthgiri Hills.





















High School ( Grade 9 & 10):-




2.Ananthgiri Hills.



1.       Welcome Day.

2.       Fantastic Fridays.

3.       Color Day.

4.       Sharing and Caring .

5.       Janmashtami

6.       Raksha bandhan.

7.       Grand Parents Day.

Primary ( grade 1 to 5)-

1.       Story telling.

2.       Collage making

3.       Elocution.

4.       Drawing.

5.       Participated in lingua fiesta at Delhi publish and won 1st prize in FAIRY TALES DRAMATIZATION.


7.       Participated on NATIONAL LEVEL KARATE CHAPIONSHIP at Ellore and bagged 1Silver and 3 bronze medals.

8.       Conducted HOPE FOUNDATION Spell Bee competitions.

9.       Echo-friendly Ganesh making.

10.   Dhahi -Handi (utti kottadam) on Krishnashtami.

11.   COLLAGE MAKING for Independence Day .

Upper – Primary & Middle School( Grade 6-8):-


2.       Participated in LINGUA FEISTA at Delhi Purchased.

3.       Students participated in National level RHYTHM DANCE Competition and Mahati of grade 7th

Reached till semi-final round.

4.       Students participated in national level painting competition – Topic – “SAVE ENERGY “conducted by NTPC.

5.       Celebrated “EARTH DAY”

6.       Friendship Day Celebration.

7.       Origami Workshop.

8.       Seminar On ‘Kids For Tigers” To Conserve Tigers.

9.       Book Exhibition.

High School ( Grade 9 & 10):-


1.       Bird House Making.

2.       Earth Day – Painting & Essay Writing Competition.

3.       Plantation Day.

4.       Investiture Ceremony.

5.       Yoga Day.

6.       Independence Day.

7.       Seminar on Thalasemmia & Career Orientation Programme.

8.       Homage to Dr.Abdul Kalam.

9.       Career Gudaince Programme on Entrepreneurship.

10.   Self Government.

11.   Teacher’s Day Celebration.







 Glimpses of Future endeavors of Term-2

  • Dandiya & Battakuamma will be played by 9th and 10th students on Saturday i.e. 10th                                                                    October on the eve of Dussera.
  • Dussera Vacation from 12th October’15 to 24th October ’15.
  • Students are supposed to come in full uniform all long with all TERM-2 books .
  • Assigned projects works must be submitted on reopening day.
  • Punctuality carries marks in submitting project works.
  • Galaxy FA2 exam Time-Table and dates gvn in tiqbiz school app..for grades 6th to 10th

Kindly follow.

  • PTM on 31st oc’15 for grade Nur to 8 on 31/12/15 Time: 9:00am to 12:30pm. (parents presence is highly appreciated, kindly follow timings)
  • NTSE   is on Nov 8th.
  • Registration for Cambridge Essential English Assessment done.planning,yle exam date will be gvn after the vacation.
  • NATIONAL OLYMPIADS EXAM – NSO- 5/11/15, IMO -10/12/15 & IEO- 20/01/15 for grade 1 to 10.
  • Diwali and childrens day celebrations in Nov
  • INTER SCHOOL CBSE LITRARY “BROCA-MANIA” competitions 2015-2016. On NOV 27th.
  • Picnic dates in december and christmas ,New year celebrations
  • Annual day ,Sankranthi celebrations.
  • Sports day.
  • Field trips
  • SA2 preparation for 9th and 10th grades
  • SA2 preparations for grades nur to 8th



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