Parent’s Feedback

I am a proud parent of Zee School for the past 4 years. My child started his education from his kindergarten at Zee School. The efforts made by the teachers in helping the child to learn basics are appreciable. In the past four years, though the strength of the class increased at a good rate, the individual attention that my child received remained unchanged.

It was indeed an absolute pleasure to watch the young ones grow up so confidently, with such little help. I consciously observed all the kids and all of them were almost at par with the learnings and coordination. This displays the commendable effort that the teachers have put in consistently throughout the year. I would also like to appreciate the idea of wonderfully incorporating extracurricular activities like music, dance ,skating, Taekwondo along with the regular curriculum which showed that the School not only aimed at academic excellence but also all round development of the child. Various competitions conducted time and again nurture the inherent talent of the child.

Through the activity based learning and IWB’s the kids are learning by figuring things outside the classroom. By conducting various Competitive exams like Olympiads children are learning to do critical thinking, active learning, questioning and thinking.

Periodical interactions with teachers help us understand the progress of our child.

In this context I would like to mention about the various stage performances made by my child – be it news reading in the assembly or dancing for annual day and singing on national festivals and exhibiting his model at science fair. It was extremely heartening to see him perform so confidently before audience. The efforts and encouragement given by all the teachers were phenomenal and utmost care is taken that every child performs on stage in the course of study.

No matter how hard parents try to give their children the best of values, they will ultimately grow up to be young adults whose personalities are shaped by teachers. Today I want to show gratitude for the way ZEE has looked after my child.

Our once introvert child’s personality has bloomed open like a beautiful fragrant flower ever since being tended by a lovely gardener in the form of a teacher at Zee. I thank ZEE School for fostering my child into a better person through constant motivation and encouragement.

We strongly feel significant improvement in overall personality of our child since he joined ZEE.

He improved exponentially on his approach to understand / learn new things, presentation skills, communication skills and willingness to go to school every day. We request to keep this momentum and thanks again for all your support.