Teaching for me was by chance not by choice. Yet I derived the depths of pleasure involved in it through my work experience at ZEE. My experiences in school have ranged from elation to frustration. I enjoy the process of teaching – learning, the later being more. The challenges I encountered strengthened my abilities to be an effective teacher. I will empathize with the struggles my student’s face because I have also struggled. Essentially, I will continue to strive to do the very best that I can.


Each teacher can recount numerous highs and lows in their teaching career. Personally, I experienced many great moments while teaching. These were days when I ended so happy and enthusiastic that I knew I had selected the right profession. On the other hand, I had days where I definitely questioned teaching as a career. These were days where the students seemed uninterested, too talkative and nothing got accomplished. Thankfully on the whole the positive days outshine my negative days

Through regular training sessions I was taught to keep a positive attitude in both good and bad times. A positive attitude, I believe, would raise the student’s self-esteem, which would raise their confidence level exponentially. During the training sessions, I came to realize the importance of a structured environment for students. Creating a structured environment will assist my students in knowing what I expect of them.


I would like to highlight the well-known and often followed fact at Zee that each child is unique and needs to be applauded for what he is, without any comparison to others. It reminds me of a poem I read long ago –

“Of all the children in my school, I may not be the tallest. Of all the voices in the world, Mine may be the smallest. But I can almost touch the stars, If I stand on my toes. And soon my words might change the world, So you’d better listen close.”

Students are people who have feelings and who don’t want to feel cornered. They want to learn but they also want to feel as if they have some control over themselves. I never made assumptions about a student before they came into my class. Every student is different; no two students react in the same way. It is our task as teachers to find not only what motivates each student to learn but also what motivates them to misbehave. If we can meet them at that point and take away that motivation, we can go a long way towards a more effective classroom and learning experience.

One of the most difficult undertakings of an educator is getting the child to want to learn.  I feel that, as a teacher, it will be my responsibility to continue to find ways to motivate my students.  If one strategy does not work, I will find one that does.


Not all students learn in the same manner and for this reason, we provide students with a variety of learning activities in their formative assessments that cover a range of learning styles. Group and individual work will be practiced in classroom. Working within a group will occur throughout student’s lives and it is important they understand the dynamics of working with others. With guided practice and clear demonstrations students will experience personal and group success. Our Interactive White boards provide an unforgettable learning through audio visuals. Our LR’s cater the need of inclusive education and promote Higher order thinking skills.

Children need guidance, understanding, and age-appropriate limits to help them function in their world. Providing life skills education will help children enjoy successful life ahead.

The various age appropriate competitions conducted at regular intervals foster creativity among children. Children are given an assessment of their place in the contemporary world through competitive exams.

I believe Education is not only enriching knowledge but also character. The values practiced as monthly themes in our school will build up a sense of moral responsibility in child.

The various extra and co curricular activities conducted in school will eradicate the intravertness of the child and make him more confident and self- appreciative.


Through my experience of teaching and working at ZEE, one event stands above the rest as my absolute best teaching experience. Through it I learned so much about teaching and dealing with students. My hope is that the student involved was at least partially changed for the better as I did from my experience.

Graduation will not conclude education according to me; rather I view my day-to-day experiences with students as an ongoing learning process.  Constantly keeping students excited to learn is an ongoing challenge.  However, I know that my education and training will prepare me for whatever the future might hold.  Life is a true learning experience; one must never stop learning.  The fact that I will be entrusted with the lives of children is a great responsibility, and I feel that I can, and will, rise to the occasion.